Why GoldSet Global Smart?

The GoldSet Global Smart order is fast, smart and efficient.

Main features of GoldSet Global:

You place an order for Global InterGold-branded physical gold bars produced exclusively for the company. This is a new and high level in business.

You receive the remuneration after completing each section, not only when the full table is completed. Thus, you can receive reward units much faster!

Unlike the GoldSet Start and GoldSet Standard orders, the GoldSet Global orders can be placed at the same time so that you can earn simultaneously.

How to place an order?

Place an order for a gold bars set

Make the prepayment of 275 EUR, which includes a down payment for a set of investment gold bars and a subscription fee for the Internet Service for one year.

Initiate a minimum of two new orders from new buyers in the Global Smart table of orders

GoldSet Global Smart reward units (EUR):

Upon completion of the first and the second section of the Global Smart table of orders 500 reward units (1 unit = 1 EUR) are credited to the Buyer's account. You can transition the GoldSet Global Smart order to the GoldSet Global Pro program.

More details about terms and remuneration can be found in the program rules and regulations.

Order registation