What are the most distinctive features of the Start Table of orders?

The name Start speaks for itself. This is the type of order for those who want to have a successful start in the gold business. The introducing of this order was a logical result of the demand of those clients who are used to take deliberate decisions. The Start Table is the perfect choice for purposeful clients, who are not used to sit in place, but who, on the contrary, keep up with the latest world trends. This is the most economical investment gold bar order out of the whole series of GoldSet orders. The prepayment of this order is only EUR 150.

Upon completion of the Start Table you have the opportunity to place the order on Standard Table order worth a total of EUR 7 000, which prepayment is paid at the expense of previously received reward units. In exchange for promotional activities of Global InterGold Online Gold Shop product, you receive reward units to offset the sum of the order and thus become the owner of the highest quality physical gold. Physical gold protects your capital and increases it when prices grow.

Start Table is your key step in a golden future!

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